Cappuccino Blast Aishbagh

Our Aishbagh addition

Cappuccino Blast is spreading its wings further. Our Aishbagh branch offers Multi-Cuisine Dining, South Indian, Marwadi Thali & Banquet.!

Located in the old industrial neighborhood of Lucknow near the historical Lucknow Charbagh Station, our Cappuccino Blast Aishbagh restaurant offers indoor, outdoor, and rooftop seating with a hookah bar, and variety of multi-cuisine.

Opened in May 2015, Cappuccino Blast Aishbagh location has become the go-to place for families with children to enjoy a great lunch or dinner in an open garden. We offer banquet service, party planning, corporate events and catering.

Don’t be star-struck if you spot a celebrity ever so often enjoying this location with family and friends.

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