You visit a nice Boutique restaurant, get thrilled by its ambience and the lovely decor, the first thing that probably comes to mind is ‘oh wow what a beautiful family business’, but knock knock, not this one. This has been set up by this ambitious Marwari women, not trying to be casteist but you now how in India each community is known for its special traits. In Puja’s community women are supposed to get married by the age of 20, but here she was all set, to set up her own business with dreams larger than life. She wanted to live life on her own terms and conditions breaking all the shackles of age-old traditions of her community. She dared to dream big, wanted to be independent and pursued it so tenaciously that today it’s her beautiful reality. Meet Puja Vaid Nemani owner of Cappuccino Blast the hottest destination for all generation at three different locations in the city of Nawab.

Puja was born into a conservative but illustrious Vaid family on February 16, 1977, where women are not supposed to step out of house to earn money. Shop, eat, travel the world but no money earning business please, but then they forget that again business acumen is in the blood of the ‘marwaris’ and Puja with her entrepreneurial skills proved that she was no less than a man when it comes to running a business and kitchen could be the place where women can stay but it could be in full style and glamour yielding profits for sure. … read the full article